Snoqualmie River: Tolt River Confluence in Carnation to Taylor Landing in Duvall


I have not paddled this section. This is an approximately 10 mile class 1 section, with a likely portage a few miles in due to dangerous wood around an island.

The first couple of miles are supposedly pretty swift, and pretty much impossible to paddle upstream against. After that it slows. Much of the area is farmland with little of visual interest, especially down in the river with the high banks.

This route can be continued all the way to Possession Sound in Everett, with various possible take-out points along the way. But Duvall is the end of the safe bike shuttle section. (The route can also be started earlier, at Fall City or Plum #2, or even up by the powerhouse below Snoqualmie Falls, though I believe a bike shuttle above Fall City gets steeper.)